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Overton Environmental Ent. Inc. (OEE) was established in November 2007 by Dale Overton. Our goal is to provide our valued clients in the landscape management and environmental consulting industry, with high quality products and services. Our principals are simple. We believe in an ecologically, sustainable society and our business practices reflect these beliefs.

Our main product, Eco-Tea™, is an aerated compost tea containing a multitude of plant-beneficial soil microorganisms and nutrients. Eco-Tea™ is a truly ecologically sustainable product for large-scale agriculture, gardens, golf courses, sports fields and the average homeowner. We believe that education and applied science are key factors in developing and enhancing landscape management and agricultural practices.

Our client base is growing steadily as more golf courses, parks, municipalities and individual homeowners realize the benefits of incorporating our products and services into their management programs.

The Importance of Healthy Soil
There are numerous benefits to creating and maintaining a healthy soil. Your plants are a reflection of the conditions within the soil. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides reduce the health of soil. Soil health is determined by a number of factors including (but not limited to) soil structure, porosity, water-holding capacity, % organic matter, pH, electrical conductivity and soil biodiversity. When all of these factors are within a given range plant growth is optimal. Biodiversity is the most important of these factors as the organisms create a complex food web that drives all soil processes (more in info/affiliates page). There are many ways to create a sustainable turf and garden management program that optimizes plant growth and disease resistance.

Actively Aerated Compost Tea (ACT)
Eco-Tea™ is an aerated compost tea (ACT), derived from night-crawler castings, high-grade compost, kelp, humic and fulvic acids with addition of bio-activator compounds.

In addition to soluble nutrients, our earthworm castings and compost contain a diverse compliment of beneficial soil microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and micro-invertebrates) which are extracted into the tea.

Adding these ingredients to highly oxygenated water increases biological activity and over a 24–36 hour period the organisms in the Eco-Tea™ reproduce to great population sizes.

What are the benefits of Eco-Tea™?
The main benefit of Eco-Tea™ comes from the soil microorganisms, which aid in nutrient turnover, improve soil structure, increase water retention and most importantly increases disease resistance in your soil and on your plants.

Eco-Tea™ contains many soluble nutrients including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper. All are found in sufficient quantities for optimum plant growth.

Eco-Tea™ is designed to allow customers to integrate it into an existing management program. Our customers have been able to reduce pesticide and fertilizer applications when using Eco-Tea™ properly. Eco-Tea™ is one part of a regular fertility and integrated pest management program.

Who Uses ACT's?
Golf Courses, Garden Centres, University/College Campuses, Nurseries, Landscapers, Orchards/Vineyards, Government-Run Parks, Commercial Agricultural Operations and Homeowners.