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EcoTea™ Distributors

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Fabian Seed is distributing EcoTea in Tilley, Alberta

Fabian Seed Farm Inc. - Tilley, Alberta

Contact Patrick Fabian: P: 403-633-9999

Nu Earth Soil Solutions distributes EcoTea

Nu Earth Soil Solutions - Vegerville + NE, AB

Contact: P: 587-783-0028

Green Earth Nutrients Ltd. distributes EcoTea

Green Earth Nutrients Ltd. - Penhold, AB

Contact: P: 403-588-3913

Makenzie Soil Solutions distributes EcoTea

Makenzie Soil Solutions - La Crete, AB

Contact: P: 780-821-9237

Assure Seed Ltd. distributes EcoTea

Assure Seed Ltd. - Acme, AB

Contact: P: 403-510-9260

Peace Soil Works distributes EcoTea

Peace Soil Works - Beaverlodge, AB

Contact: P: 780-78-1408

Top Horizon is distributing EcoTea in Weyburn, SK

Top Horizon - Radville, SK

Contact: Robert Galarneau P: 306-869-7869

Re-Gen Ag Solutions distributes EcoTea

Re-Gen Ag Solutions - Elie, MB

Contact: P: 204-999-1232

Re-Gen Ag Solutions distributes EcoTea

Imperial Seed - Dealers Across the Prairies

Contact: P: 204-786-8457

Ens Quality Seed distributes EcoTea

Ens Quality Seed - Reinland, MB

Contact: P: 204-325-4658

Cardale Grain Corp. distributes EcoTea

Cardale Grain Corp. - Newdale, MB

Contact: P: 204-868-5329

LD Seeds distributes EcoTea

LD Seeds - Altona, MB

Contact: P: 204-304-0048

Friesen Seeds distributes EcoTea

Friesen Seeds - Rosenort, MB

Contact: P: 204-786-8457

Ag Advantage distributes EcoTea

Ag Advantage - Oakbank, MB

Contact: P: 204-444-5052

Carlisle Liquid Starters distributes EcoTea

Carlisle Liquid Starters - Carroll, MB

Contact: P: 204-483-2774

Sylvite distributes EcoTea

Sylvite - Hensall, ON

Contact: P: 1-800-265-5225

Sure Source Agronomy distributes EcoTea

Sure Source Agronomy - Petrolia, ON

Contact: P: 1-866-697-5950 ext.10

All Turf distributes EcoTea

All Turf - Innisfil, ON

Contact: P: 705-431-0561

Brima distributes EcoTea

Brima - La Presentation, QU

Contact: P: 1-800-265-5225

Keso Turf Supplies distributes EcoTea

Keso Turf Supplies Ltd. - Kamloops, BC

Contact: P: 250-320-6411

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Contact Us

Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc.
9A - 1051 Kapelus Dr.
West St. Paul, MB, R4A 5A4, Canada
P: 204-417-4122

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About Us

Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. operates a diversified manufacturing company focused on creating sustainable crop inputs and organic waste management solutions. Utilizing the most advanced ecological techniques we have been able to engineer a variety of high-end microbial products. Our entire philosophy is based on returning resources back to the earth – from waste to resource is a fundamental philosophy in our business model.

Overton Environmental Enterprises based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a large satellite facility in Giroux, Manitoba. Currently we operate a large worm farm in Downtown Winnipeg and a large compost facility in Giroux, Manitoba.

OEE Inc. is committed to helping our clients understand and reduce the impacts of their activities on the environment and conform to government regulations. As such, we manufacture an array of products under the "Essential Organics™ and EcoTea™" umbrella and provide expert services including — consulting, custom soil blending, soils manufacturing, composting, product co-packaging and product distribution.


Aubin Nurseries

Aubin Nurseries

“We have really noticed a difference in our second year roses. Before EcoTea™ they would die in the second year. Now they are healthier and market ready” - Gerry Aubin
Boundy Farms

Boundy Farms

“We noticed increased plant health and yield where we used EcoTea™ in the seed row for corn and sunflowers” - Nick Boundy
Howpark Farms.

Howpark Farms

“I have never seen such fine and healthy roots in 45 years on this farm. Our organic flax looks great” - Ian Grossart
Parks Canada

Parks Canada

“We have been using EcoTea™ since 2008 in our National Heritage Garden here in the National Park. It is like you stepped into the Jolly Green Giant’s garden. Plant do better because there is no disease and the soil is healthy” - Della Popwhich

Golf / Sport Fields / Landscapes / Lawn
Hort / Urban Forestry / Orchards & Vineyards
Greenhouses / Nurseries / Home & Garden
EcoTea™ Ingredient Kits
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Contact our Winnipeg office for bulk ordering or becoming a distributor.
P: 204-417-4122