EcoTea™ HDI Crop Residue Fall Promotion. Click to download/view flyer!

A Product by Overton Environmental Ent. Inc. Overton Environmental Ent. Inc.

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EcoTea™ HDI Crop Residue Fall Promotion. Click to download/view flyer!

For Agriculture

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Eco-Tea for Turf and Horticulture

Turf / Horticulture & Urban Forestry

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Eco-Tea for Gardeners Indoor and Outdoor

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About Us

Overton Environmental operates a diversified manufacturing company focused on creating sustainable crop inputs and organic waste management solutions. Utilizing the most advanced ecological techniques we have been able to engineer a variety of high-end microbial products. Our entire philosophy is based on returning resources back to the earth – from waste to resource is a fundamental philosophy in our business model.

Overton Environmental is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a large satellite facility in Giroux, Manitoba. Currently we operate a large worm farm in Downtown Winnipeg and a large compost facility in Giroux, Manitoba.

OEE Inc. is committed to helping our clients understand and reduce the impacts of their activities on the environment and conform to government regulations. As such, we manufacture an array of products under the "Essential Organics™ and EcoTea™" umbrella and provide expert services including — consulting, custom soil blending, soils manufacturing, composting, product co-packaging and product distribution.


Clear Lake Golf Course has been using Eco-Tea since 2008.

Clear Lake Golf Course

“Since starting EcoTea™ in our greens program in 2008, our greens have the thickest healthiest roots, the playing surface is incredible and we disease has disappeared for the most part” - Greg Holden
Whistler Golf Course has been adding Eco-Tea to their management programs.

Whistler Golf Course

“EcoTea™ has been a great addition to our greens fertility and disease management program” - Stuart Carmichael
Schriemers Nursery has been using Eco-Tea and love our sustainable products.

Schriemers Nursery

“Our plants are healthy and customers like that we use sustainable products” - Nikko

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Listen to Soil Ecology - Why it's important for growers of all types to consider soil ecology when planting
Listen to Soil Ecology - Why it's important for farmers & gardeners of all types to consider soil ecology when planting!

EcoTea™ For Agriculture
EcoTea™ For Turf/Horticulture
EcoTea™ For Home & Garden
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